Half an engineer

I think I am officially(at least) half an engineer with the fourth semester ending on july 23. So the vaccation that I am having now (the reference of the length of which makes my neighbours and relatives jaws drop to the ground whom i try to pacify by referring to my last years 100 days bash which was 12 days lengthier, afterall you should have less days now that you are one year senior) can be considered as the half time break between two turbulent halfs. And what semesters the last two were??. Unheard of subjects supplemented by jargon ridden classes have made sure that i had a lot to do on the days immediately before the exams. The names of the subjects were quite funny: Random Signal Theory, Signal and Systems and blah blah and all that i can recollect of those classes are the blissful sleeping hours i had in the back bench. Obviously i will have to go through all those stuff again just before placements (i don’t want to bother my long term memory with such futile stuff let my short time memory handle it so that i can delete it the moment i get placed, hopefully). Being in the class was not so boring, there were enough amusing anecdotes spread throughout the two semesters.

One such funny thing was when i was caught by our maths prof in the class. I was blissfully having a nap after reading ‘Identity and Politics’ for half an hour. I was wearing a pink shirt that day (oh, by the way i am straight alright) which made me quite conspicuous i suppose. What i failed to notice was that almost everyone in the bench behind me were quite unconscious with saliva dropping out of their mouths. The prof pointed at them asking them to stand up. But all those good hearted classmates of mine thought that it was me the prof was pointing to. When i wake up hearing all those grumblings, everyone is looking at me. KIck starting my insticts, i get up saying…

“Sir, headache” (oh my God how many times i am relying on that ubiquitous problems to help me out)

My good hearted classmates(I would not blame them afterall) and I understand our blunder(more of mine but those idiots also share the resposibility) only when the prof says….

“Actually it was not you whom i meant”…

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  1. hehehe….ohh heelll….yea…i still remmbr tht math class incident…….thanks 2 ppl lik u…ppl sleepin in th front bench stay awak….mayb u shud write more bout th funny stuff happnin in class…….keep bloggin….byee

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