On Bush’s recent comments on global food crisis

When i write about the recent comments made by the U.S President blaming the emerging middle class of India and China for the global food and oil crisis, i expect an open debate on it and anyone who who goes through this article please be kind enough to post your comments and views.

The Govt. of India has countered the argument of the U.S President by quoting statistics which shows the average consumption of U.S five times that of India and restarting the debate pitting ‘food for fuel’ against ‘food for hunger’. But what i feel is than rather than giving a foreign country reasons why we are consuming so much, we should have officially condemned the statement as utterly unwarranted and arrogant. He blamed the increased food consumption of the ever increasing middle class as the reason of the crisis. But is it not the right of any nation to ever consistently strive for the improvement of the living conditions of its people? It is our rightful right to improve our living standards to levels comparable to the best in the world. This right applies to any nation just as the right to good living applies to any citizen of a free nation. In such a case even if its the increased consumption that has created the crisis the reason for the crisis is not the fact that we are consuming more but that we never anticipated the increase in consumption and prepared. Failure to appreciate this fundamental right and appreciate the ambition of every nation to create world class living conditions for its people is a reminder of the mindset of the colonial era tyrants and should not be tolerated. So in such a context i consider such a statement by a world leader, that too by the President of the most powerful country in the world highly unwanted and out of place. Adding fuel to fire, he has gone a step further by putting the blame of spiraling oil prices also on the same middle class. With an average consumption that is greater than all the major nations together and a war in its back which took the prices from 30$ a barrel to 120$ a barrel, i think even a layman can figure out who can be held responsible for that crisis.

With popularity ratings at an all time law, the war on terror reaching no where, impending elections, the Iraq quagmire and an economy in recession, I think that its high time that Mr.President took a vacation in Camp David to regain his cool.

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