The Reciprocity Theorem

Please dont be carried away by the name of the theorem and mistake that I am referring to a theorem in that dreaded circuits paper. Rather the topic I m referring to is supposed to be more deadly:philosophy. I think after writing a few excerpts from my life, I should write something philosophical, atleast for a change.

The name of the theorem can be changed if you can come up with a better name that does justice to what i mean. So the theorem goes like this:

“If you develop a perception about a person, that person is also most likely to develop a similar perception about you, even if you try to behave in an exactly opposite way”

This has its own exceptions and the theorem doesnt mean that if u feel Tom Cruise is cool, he is going to feel the same about you. It is to be applied between two persons who know each other and exchange words or atleast looks once in a while. The possible explanation for this is as follows.

Suppose you develop a perception about a person(like he s good, that man sucks, i hate his attitude etc), how ever hard you may try to hide this from the person(if its related to the first example i have given, it wont be the case because you wont mind the other person knowing that you think high of him, even you may want exactly that to happen), you wont be able to do it with 100% perfection. It can be your words, or your actions or even the way you look at him/her that give you away. In short, how hard you may try to hide your feelings and behave normal, you wont be able to do that unless of course you are a born crook. This causes the other person to develop a similar perception about you.

I formulated this theorem back in +2 not just from my own experiences as one of the two persons mentioned but also as a third person, with the above mentioned two people opening his/her mind about the other person to me. But there is one incident in my life that I think is a strong proof of my theorem.

I met Abraham for the first time in my entrance classes. My first impression about him was that he was one big fool.I was even surprised to find him in the top batch of the centre. A few months later, after i befriended him, he tells me “Gokul, you know what, initially i thought that you are one big fool”. This episode takes particular meaning when read with the fact that we two were the ones who eventually topped the class in entrance with one getting 29 and the other 60 in Kerala entrance.

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  1. It’s nice reading your posts. Keep writing!

  2. interesting observation…..forced me 2 think…really!!….

  3. Fantastic article……i like it

  4. i have been thinking of this of late…i feel its our eyes that give it away..its like ‘seeing in ones eyes’….form my experience, when u feel something from someones looks, trust your instincts

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