Let no other mother meet this fate

No single terrorist incident would have blotched the collective conscience of humanity than the inhuman hostage situation in a school in Beslan which left hundreds of innocent children victims of the most gruesome plague spreading across the planet:terrorism. It was a few years before that the perpetrators of this ghastly crime:the chechen terrorists, came into international lime light through a similar hostage situation in a Moscow theatre. A few days back i saw a documentary on that incident in NGC. An incident that happened during the crisis involving a mother and her daughter touched my heart so much that i feel that no mother should have the ill fate to undergo something like that ever.

This mother, named Tamara was shot in a cross fire in the stomach. Red cross was called to take her out. She was with her daughter. She begged with the commander of the terrorists to allow her daughter to come with her. Although he refused initially, he finally allowed that when the mother begged in the name of Allah. She was holding her daughter’s hand as she was being taken out in a stretcher escorted by the rebels. When they were just about to reach the entrance of the theatre, a terrorist came forward and forced the daughter’s hand from Tamara’s hand. Before the mother, who was lying in the stretcher injured seriously could make out what was happening and look back, the terrorist had already taken her daughter back into the theatre. The sixteen year old girl was later killed as security forces stormed the theatre in line with Kremlin’s policy of no dialogue with terrorists. As the mother narrated the story of not even being able to say goodbye to her daughter for the program, there were tears flowing through her cheeks.

Tamara is just one of the countless many mothers who have lost their sons and daughters in this futile inferno of terror. Incidents like this highlight the inhuman nature of such atrocities when innocent civilians are used to ‘wake up’ the government. Just like how we Malayalees and NITians pray that no father should meet the fate met by Echara Warrier, father of Rajan, lets pray that no mother should meet the fate met by Tamara.


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