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Jammed number lock:first day in college cant be any better

So it came, as easily as it started;the end of the mammoth vacation. It was going to be the second half of my engineering life and every information from ‘how to hold a pen’ to ‘frequency response of amplifiers’ would have to be dug out from the deep trenches of my ‘long term memory’. Still the usual buoyant feeling was inside me on the first morning of s5. I got up early, was one of the first to reach the toilets and was back in my room to dress up with more than half an hour to spare. Like everyone, I was planning to wear my finest new dress for the first day, infact these are some of the few days you actually worry about what you are wearing. I took my trolley and dialed the key of my number lock, the faithful combination of three digits that have guarded my case for two and half years. But quite unusual for its behavior in the past years,it didn’t open.Natural i thought;some mistake in the alignment.I reset it and dialed again.Still no intention of opening up.So i try my old combination and then again my original. Inspite of the fact that me myself have personally locked and bid him farewell last night, the VIP case of mine seemed to have caught a terrible case of amnesia. Me, wrapped only in my bath towel worked on it for more than half an hour and leaves hope. I wear the dress that was worn the last day and check my watch only to know that not only am I late to have breakfast but also have to run just to reach the class on time.

Fortunately I had kept my hostel dresses out which gave me a breather for a few days. That evening I had to take my large case with half luggage stil in it all the way to the city to open it.With the city 22 kms away and all the buses plying in the route packed to ‘capacity’ even at unearthly hours, it was without doubt the journey of the semester. As my friend Renjith later pointed out it may be my due for taking my luggage all the way from home after vaccation in my car without a hassle.Anyway it was really funny answering people as i walked out of the college, to the shop with my luggage on the very first day itself

Trash can: ‘Madambi’, a movie from the past

Who said the long 100 days vacation for us is a global waste, good for none, it is obviously beneficial for the malayalam film industry at least, else I would not have ventured with my friends to see this latest Mohan Lal release on the very first day. Although its a bit early to come at any conclusions, I don’t think that this new director will not bring any respite to an industry that is currently reeling under lack of good scripts and acute civil strife. The title ‘Madambi’ roughly means ‘a feudal lord’. Thus the base story line is almost obvious. The legendary malayalam actor, who has so easily donned larger than life roles in many flopped movies cant be expected to be no one other than the ‘madambi’ in the movie.

The first thing that strikes you are the names of the characters. The younger brother of the hero, who is in his twenties in the movie sports an age old name with a caste name as a tail. The name ‘Ramakrishna Pillai’ is one that you would attach to an aging Head Master than a twenty year old dude. Conspicuous caste remarks are also made throughout the movie in dialogues and in the names of the major characters which was the norm in our state a few decades back. The plot is happening in a village, far removed from any town to have any bank in the vicinity. The current situation in Kerala makes it almost impossible. Any village in Kerala cannot be far from a town or a small commercial centre by not more than 20 kms. Its impossible not to have a branch of the State Bank or at least a  Co-operative bank over there. But ok, lets forget that fact and think that this village is so far removed that the state bank people couldn’t find it in the map. Then how could it be possible that the first bank to be opened there is a multi national one. Oh my God, now things are becoming tricky. This is the problem of taking your brain also along to the movies. In such movies the only thing that gives you value for money are the beautiful members of the opposite sex gracing the silver screen. But Kavya Madhavan, who has proved before that shorter clothes is not the gateway to a longer career in the film industry, proves that again rather brutally in the movie. The 23 or something old actress, clad in thoroughly de glamorized saree throughout the movie and eventually develops a crush on the 48 year old hero looks and behaves at least 10 years older. Then there is finally the larger than life cast of the hero who appears in almost all the scenes in the movie. The generous and rigid hero saves the day for the poor people and punches the bad guys into oblivion every time a situation arises. And finally the director goes as far as playing a drama in court room to clear the hero of certain mistaken character traits that the hero was forced to take up when his father died(in a black and white flash back). And the most generous magistrate forgives him for doing that, even though the same could have been far easily solved by going up and revealing the facts(99% of the hero’s wealth is in his brother’s name, that might be teh point when the director wanted the audience to cry thinking of the magnanimous nature of the ‘big brother’).

It was only when I reached my home, with my joints aching because of sitting in that filthy theatre with damaged chairs that my mom told me that the director of the movie is a renowned T.V serial director. I replied back that I should not have expected anything more from a man who makes money making B-Grade mega serials exploiting the job lessness of the middle class house wives.

Encounter with the police, episode 2

When I was writing my last post, I was wondering why I was keeping on writing all serious stuff in this page. Was that because there was nothing funny happening my life? Obviously not, with the kind of people around me. One of the striking reasons in the funny incidents of our lives is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This incident was no different. This was also strongly reminiscent of something that happened when I was in plus 2……

After our usual game of badminton in the local club, we four: me, aravi, deepak and fayaz (as I am introducing my friends for the first time in my blog; whenever I say ‘we five,six…..’ it will be me and the members of an elite club called RRD who are not at college at that point of time. The first three people mentioned above are also members of a more elite sub group called GRADHS, with Hari, Rahul and Dhanya making up the remaining slots. So coming back to our topic, we four were thinking what to do next. Time was only 5.30 or something, not the time for any of us to go back home. Then the remaining three think of taking a puff. I am also forced to go with them(I am the good guy, no smoking or boozing) to their favourite spot as I was the one with a bike(fayaz’s vespa was obviously a two wheeler but i wont call it a bike or a scooter).

Their favourite spot is an isolated road spinning off from the highway. On returning, we were confronted by a police patrol jeep. The driver gave me pass light indicating me to stop. As I slowly parked near the jeep, I was wondering what to tell them and also how fayaz made it without being stopped.


I hand him my license with an air of pride.

Cons:evide entha paripadi (what are u guys doing here?)

Me:Kaatu kollaan vanatha (nothing, just came to enjoy the breeze)

That is obviously the last thing that you will ever tell a policeman. But believe me, nothing else came to my mind then..

Cons: pha @#$%%^………where r the papers?

me: paper?(Hindu or manorama)…..(hmmm…I am not so dumb).

As I didnt know where the documents where, I call up my dad. Then the C.I comes into the scene. And he happens to be the friendly neighborhood police officer who came to talk about community policing during our local New year night. He takes the phone from me.

C.I (to my dad): makane thooki.nalla stalamalla.shookshichaal kolaam (your son has been found wandering in a bad locality. Just check it out)

Throughout all this, I was sitting in my bike with one leg on the road and the other on the footrest. The C.I gets pissed at this. He looks at me throughout and shouts:

“pha ezhunelkada” (get up you @!#$%).

Finally, with a few more not so friendly warnings, he let us go. As the jeep guzzled away deepak and me were looking at each other trying control our laughter. Fayaz and aravi came back in that vespa a few moments back but left at twice the speed the moment they saw us being questioned by the police at a distance(now thats friendship). As we finally laughed when the jeep completely faded from our sight, I knew that I would have a lot of explaining to do on reaching back home…