Encounter with the police, episode 2

When I was writing my last post, I was wondering why I was keeping on writing all serious stuff in this page. Was that because there was nothing funny happening my life? Obviously not, with the kind of people around me. One of the striking reasons in the funny incidents of our lives is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This incident was no different. This was also strongly reminiscent of something that happened when I was in plus 2……

After our usual game of badminton in the local club, we four: me, aravi, deepak and fayaz (as I am introducing my friends for the first time in my blog; whenever I say ‘we five,six…..’ it will be me and the members of an elite club called RRD who are not at college at that point of time. The first three people mentioned above are also members of a more elite sub group called GRADHS, with Hari, Rahul and Dhanya making up the remaining slots. So coming back to our topic, we four were thinking what to do next. Time was only 5.30 or something, not the time for any of us to go back home. Then the remaining three think of taking a puff. I am also forced to go with them(I am the good guy, no smoking or boozing) to their favourite spot as I was the one with a bike(fayaz’s vespa was obviously a two wheeler but i wont call it a bike or a scooter).

Their favourite spot is an isolated road spinning off from the highway. On returning, we were confronted by a police patrol jeep. The driver gave me pass light indicating me to stop. As I slowly parked near the jeep, I was wondering what to tell them and also how fayaz made it without being stopped.


I hand him my license with an air of pride.

Cons:evide entha paripadi (what are u guys doing here?)

Me:Kaatu kollaan vanatha (nothing, just came to enjoy the breeze)

That is obviously the last thing that you will ever tell a policeman. But believe me, nothing else came to my mind then..

Cons: pha @#$%%^………where r the papers?

me: paper?(Hindu or manorama)…..(hmmm…I am not so dumb).

As I didnt know where the documents where, I call up my dad. Then the C.I comes into the scene. And he happens to be the friendly neighborhood police officer who came to talk about community policing during our local New year night. He takes the phone from me.

C.I (to my dad): makane thooki.nalla stalamalla.shookshichaal kolaam (your son has been found wandering in a bad locality. Just check it out)

Throughout all this, I was sitting in my bike with one leg on the road and the other on the footrest. The C.I gets pissed at this. He looks at me throughout and shouts:

“pha ezhunelkada” (get up you @!#$%).

Finally, with a few more not so friendly warnings, he let us go. As the jeep guzzled away deepak and me were looking at each other trying control our laughter. Fayaz and aravi came back in that vespa a few moments back but left at twice the speed the moment they saw us being questioned by the police at a distance(now thats friendship). As we finally laughed when the jeep completely faded from our sight, I knew that I would have a lot of explaining to do on reaching back home…


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  1. kalaki machaa…….references r kidilan…and u will b gettin sumthyng nice 4 treatin the club members badly lyk “those 3 fukers”..let faya cum and u will b stripped !!

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