Jammed number lock:first day in college cant be any better

So it came, as easily as it started;the end of the mammoth vacation. It was going to be the second half of my engineering life and every information from ‘how to hold a pen’ to ‘frequency response of amplifiers’ would have to be dug out from the deep trenches of my ‘long term memory’. Still the usual buoyant feeling was inside me on the first morning of s5. I got up early, was one of the first to reach the toilets and was back in my room to dress up with more than half an hour to spare. Like everyone, I was planning to wear my finest new dress for the first day, infact these are some of the few days you actually worry about what you are wearing. I took my trolley and dialed the key of my number lock, the faithful combination of three digits that have guarded my case for two and half years. But quite unusual for its behavior in the past years,it didn’t open.Natural i thought;some mistake in the alignment.I reset it and dialed again.Still no intention of opening up.So i try my old combination and then again my original. Inspite of the fact that me myself have personally locked and bid him farewell last night, the VIP case of mine seemed to have caught a terrible case of amnesia. Me, wrapped only in my bath towel worked on it for more than half an hour and leaves hope. I wear the dress that was worn the last day and check my watch only to know that not only am I late to have breakfast but also have to run just to reach the class on time.

Fortunately I had kept my hostel dresses out which gave me a breather for a few days. That evening I had to take my large case with half luggage stil in it all the way to the city to open it.With the city 22 kms away and all the buses plying in the route packed to ‘capacity’ even at unearthly hours, it was without doubt the journey of the semester. As my friend Renjith later pointed out it may be my due for taking my luggage all the way from home after vaccation in my car without a hassle.Anyway it was really funny answering people as i walked out of the college, to the shop with my luggage on the very first day itself


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