A memorable teacher’s day

I make it a point to say this everytime i get the chance that my batch is the closest knit group in the whole college. We are not the loudest but when it comes to bonding, we are second to none. We proved that again today by giving our teachers a memorable teachers day.

We presented our teachers with a hand made card and a rose as a token of our love and appreciation. All the girls worked together upto 3 in the morning (who knows…you cant check that out) making the cards. Hats off to you people. But it would have been better if it had been a personalized message in each card. But that was impossible as we didnt know half of them. Ijaz, our day scholar who would rather lose a meal than miss a class bunked the first hour to get flowers. Now thats dedication. We the rest of us supported them in all possible ways by frequently calling up and enquiring about the progress and letting them know that we were sleeping at 12 knowing they had only started their work.

Finally we gave them the mementos in the morning. Raghu sir seemed to be the most happy among all as it was his first teachers day. My dear friend Febin also seemed to have made it memorable by the succesfull execution of “operation KuKu’. At the end of the day, it was quite memorable for both the teachers and us.


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  1. de support u gav us was so essential in keepin our spirits up thruout de nite(ya rt!!!onnu poda……)
    u sleep off early,dnt come for de first hour n den conveniently doubt whether we actualy stayed up all nite(all de gals who worked came early to class for de first hour)……..hmmmmm….u will surely gt beaten up for dis……BEWARE!!!!

  2. hi dude

    dont use the word KUKU simply every where without knowing a lot abt it origin and how it became famous

    so nxt tym think before u type

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