The face of terror

This is the second time i m writing about a terrorist incident, guess ably its about the recent attack on Mumbai. Unlike all the previous terrorist attacks on our soil, the perpetrators managed to do something extra ordinary this time. By making a fool of the already much discredited intelligence machinery of ours, they converted our economic capital into a war zone. Although none of the regular services in the city was affected, the resilient city of Mumbai came to a grinding halt. And how much insensitive and naive was the reaction of the media by airing military movements live on tv which reminded us of the Munich hostage situation in which the hostage takers watched the movements of the German special forces live in the tv in the olympic village, it was able to bring the horror of a terrorist attack right to our drawing rooms. Suddenly the whole of  India could feel the horror of the hostage desperately waving for help from the windows of The Oberoi, the pain of the GM of the Taj who worked with rescue team even after knowing his whole family had been killed inside the hotel, the grief of young mocha who lost both his parents and together we prayed for the brave men in uniform who went into the war zone without any regard for personal security. We also hailed the heroics of senior police officers Karkare,Kamte who went into the line of fire obviously beyond the call of duty. It also brought right in front of us the faces of the terrorists in action for the first time.

Until Mumbai, the general idea of a terrorist was a tall long bearded man carrying an ak 47 wearing Pathan attire. But the images we saw from CST that day was a far-cry from this. Apart from the loaded Kalashnikov and the explosives filled bag, the duo caught on tape was no different, atleast in looks from an average college going student in his early twenties. The images of them walking into CST and spraying bullets at ordinary people eager to get into their respective trains back home wearing versace t shirts and cargos cant be more chilling. It shows how even ordinary young people like us are being converted into ruthless savages by mindless brainwashing. It should also lead to more thoughts regarding the real causes of terrorism. Thoughtless and futile responses like Americas war on terror can only bring more people into this track as we are seeing nowadays. When western dominance in Islam following regions is used as the reason for propagating terrorism, how can more dominance through outright invasions cure this problem? When derailing Indo-Pak talks is one of the major objectives of such forces, wont our response by cutting our ties with Pakisthan be in line with their goals? Still the insensitive media was, throughout the 60 hours of terror was not only trying to stir public response towards a violent response but also gave unconfirmed rumours like Indian troop buildup in the border headline status. Inspite of all this, the highly matured response by the government to use the situation to create international pressure on Pakisthan and to expose the nexus between that country’s military and the terrorists was exemplary and something that other nations who give dis-proportionate responses to such incidents pulling both the parties into a deeper quagmire should try to emulate.

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