Monthly Archives: May 2009

Why dont we take a break and do a little introspection??

Its a bit too late for something serious i know, but lot of random thoughts seem to be occupying my mind in this most unusual time. Its 2 o clock in the morning and my roomies are all fast asleep and its a weekend. But these kind of things keep on bothering you. So i thought i l just share it.

My college life has been the most valuable learning experience for me. I am not talking about the 40 odd subjects that i have ‘studied’ over this time, but the real learning in terms of the experience gained. Its the part of the year when the auditorium is booked everyday for some sort of a farewell (state, branch…..). The most common thing said during such meetings is about the cruel world that we are just about to enter. But what exactly makes the world so ‘cruel’. Is it not people like you and me who makes the world what it is? So are we actually going to enter a cruel world or is this ‘cruelty’ a mere consequence of the callousness that is gradually developed in us as everyday passes?

If there is something that has been so vital in defining our social life but is on the decrease now, then i feel it would be compassion. It has become so rare a thing to be seen nowadays that even a small gesture of compassion is seen with much reverence and the person showing it is respected. Wherever we are or whatever roles we adore, we are always bound by self imposed shackles of rules and regulations, prejudices, selfish interests and ignorance that we cannot move out of this wretched system to show some compassion as we will have to do it at the expense of the things that i have above mentioned. Worst is that we cling on to those things so much that the moment your empathizing with someone comes in conflict with any one of these, we just stop doing it. Ans as time goes on, the scale of these prejudices just go on increasing making us more narrow minded.

As Gandhiji has said it requires immense courage and will to tread the path of ahimsa. I consider compassion as one of the most beautiful manifestations of ahimsa. We students have got this wrong notion of strength and courage. Agression which is a result of a turbulent and fearful mind is revered while such intricate qualities of ahimsa which can only come from a calm and composed mind like restaint, compassion, empathy are looked down upon. I feel ratioanality is nothing more than a polemic if we take emotions out of the picture. Lets try to a little bit more compassionate to our fellow beings. I strongly believe that even this ‘little bit more’ can make this world a far better place to live in…