Gearing up for the first stage of one of the most competitive exams…

Just a few more days remaining for the most important day in my life atleast until now. The prelims for Civil services exam 2010 is on the 23rd of May 2010. Incidentally, the date marks the first anniversary of me starting studying for the exams. After my mini project presentation on the 18th and a few days in Maulana hospital for my dad’s surgery, it was exactly on the 23rd that I started studying for the marathon exercise called Civil services exam. I started off with Indian polity. The exam  in every sense is a marathon. You have to mix long term planning with short term targets and must be ready to pull yourself up from the abyss of failure whenever you meet with it. There are also times when you should sprint like in a 100m race. I think I am currently in that kind of a stage, trying to maximize the number of questions that can be done in 2 hours. But once the prelims is over, I will have to switch once again to the long endurance mode and complete whats remaining in physics and pub ad within two months. That means I will have to complete the syllabus of the mains exam before the results of the prelims come out. So its as much a test of your mind as it is of your knowledge.

Onto the last week of the exams, I am going through my notes over and over again for general studies and taking mock tests for physics. Although UPSC dont release the marks for prelims, a score of 240 is generally deemed to be on the safe side. But you cant write an objective test with a target in your mind. You will only end up getting more negatives if you try too much. I hope to keep my pace  for physics. For G.S, I look forward to picking the doable questions alone. I am also giving myself a few more hours of sleep in the night for the last week just to keep myself fitter.

All said, I think it eventually boils down to keeping your cool during the exams. So eagerly waiting for the 23rd so that I will be relieved of the boredom of revising the topics again and again and also because I can start preparing for the mains……


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  1. Vibhuti Bhushan

    sir, How did u manage college and preparation for IAS??
    As I m also in NITC and know EC of Calicut…….and what waz ur strategy in the starting??

    • My faculty and friends were most supportive and I started during the 3rd year hols. Skipped all club, ragam and tathva work too

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