A long wait and then…cleared my first hurdle

The results of the prelims was supposed to come by the end of the first week of  august. But it just kept on getting postponed. When upsc conducts an examination, unlike our entrance exams, no date will be published beforehand and you guess on the dates based on previous years’ results and other facts like time for mains, time before the foundation course of previous year starts etc. And you will know they havent put up the results after refreshing the upsc site a 100 times between 5 and 6 in the evening.

And finally it came on the 19th by 6 pm. And the very next moment the site hung up. But i had got the link to the actual result page by searching in google. The link remains same every year and they only update its contents. I accessed with that and entered my roll number. Although i was pretty much confident of clearing the prelims, my heart was obviously beating faster then. After all its a competitive exam, anything can happen and then…..

Congrats…..your roll number figures in the list of successful candidates

And thus i have cleared civil service prelims in my very first attempt. Although i feel that i can take a break tomorrow, i cannot afford to be complacent or lower my concentration. As the marks doesnt carry over to the mains, prelims is nothing but a necessary evil. You make or break in the mains exam. Even interview can only supplement your performance in mains as mains carry 2000 out of the 2300 marks.

My prelims physics paper was the best objective paper i had ever written. Could attempt 117 out of 120. But mains is an entirely different ball game. With scaling that happens with science subjects to make them on par with humanities subjects, one has to score quite high indeed. I should revise again and again to reproduce the answers within the stipulated time. The next three months could very well turn out to be the most important 3 months of my life. Lets see where life takes me.

P.S: For the past two months i didnt have much to say when people asked me : ok gokul, what u doing now??…..now i could atleast say ‘i cleared prelims and am preparing for the mains’


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  1. ALL THE BEST for mains..
    Hope you write about your final success in next summers.

  2. Thanks vishal…


  4. “My prelims physics paper was the best objective paper i had ever written”.DELETE “prelims physics” words from above words,u will clear mains,also.BEST LUCK!!!

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