Yes…The world is flat

Our mother earth is believed to be 4.5 billion years old. Throughout her life, her texture, composition, size etc have changed a lot. But it more or less remained spherical. Some call it lemon shaped, some others egg shaped and like that. It essentially implied that we never could look beyond the horizon. Some people tried getting onto the tallest building to see the bigger picture. Some others took to the sky. They saw far more then what their fellow mates standing below saw.

Then suddenly a few years back, people started laying pathways of light underneath oceans and between continents. Continent building forces are slow and takes millions of years to make appreciable changes. But as earth was encircled again and again by the pathways of light, something extraordinary happened:

The world became flat

It was a few days back that i thought of how much the internet has become a part of our life. More than anything else, it has opened the world of information to everyone. Everyone connected to the net became simultaneously the source and target of information. No single person can no longer hold the magic key to control access to information. And the result: we are more empowered than ever before. I am quite sure that this picture of the world would have never been in Tim Berners Lee’s mind when he proposed the idea of hypertext to connect a few researchers trying to accelerate ‘not to be seen’ particles to ‘never before achieved speeds’


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