My CSE marks

This was how it turned out for me. My correct attempt was 555 in physics (280 + 275), 580 in PubAd (280 + 300), 490 in GS (240 + 250). Expected more in GS 2. But it seems that most of the candidates got lower marks than what they had expected.


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  1. Brilliant!!!………any other mountains to scale???

    hey thanks for including my blog in your blogroll!!…….pleasure đŸ™‚

    • Thanks Vinay

      • sir, could you tell me from where should i start preparation? i will write on 2012. so could you tell me the suggestions for me.?

      • It is ideal to start one full year before prelims. If you are doing full time preparation, starting by july-august will be fine

  2. Libin Francis

    Hai Gokulji,

    I like to know whether you subscribed to any coaching institutes materials for GS and Pub Ad . Have you attended any crash courses for GS or pub ad ? What is your opinion on crash courses?

    Thank you

    • I have already blogged about my experience with Brilliant tutorials material. Correspondence courses wont help you. Those are just bulky copy-paste from multiple standard text books.

      Only long term preps work for civils. Crash courses wont help you

  3. Libin Francis

    Thank you ji.

    How can one improve his performance in mains for the optional like pub ad and history ? constant answer writing practice would help ? will previous year’s writing practice do good for Gs performance in mains ?

    • Yes you have to practice writing the answers, You should be able to put in all the points within the word and time limit. Also you need to be precise also.

      Practice writing answers after completing the syllabus

      • Libin Francis

        Thankyou very much for your helpful response.
        What was your main material for GS papers preperation? Will IGNOU study materials good for Pub ad and History ?

  4. hi gokul,
    plz share information on how to practice answer writing in public administration and how did u manage to evaluate answers on ur own

  5. Hi Gokul,
    Thanks for such a nice blog. Can u plz tell what is required to score 340+ in Public administration. Despite of good answers, i got just 300 this time in P.A and missed the selection by 12 marks. I am not able to find out that what is required for value addition at this stage. plz share your strategy as soon as possible as u got very good marks in P.A.

  6. Hi Gokul,
    Thanks for such a nice blog. Can u plz tell me what type of valu addition is required to score 340+ in public administration. I got just 300 after writing quite good answers and missed the final list by 12 marks. I am not able to find out that on which area i should work for getting these extra marks. Plz reply

    • Hi Vijay
      Marks in pubad depends lot on how you write answers i think. i had solved some 10 years papers after the prelims results came.

      I once got my answers evaluated by a 2006 batch ias officer. After that i did self evaluation. I tried to

      1. Stick to the point
      2. Put in as many ideas as possible
      3. write brief intros ( i was spending a lot of words on intros)
      4. Prepare some diagrams before hand and draw atleast a block diagram for ever answer.
      5. If possible, quote a solution ( i mostly did from ARC)

      But still Its so subjective man. We can only hope to get good marks. Do your best and hope for the best

  7. Thanks for Reply Gokul!!!
    I got it ….my answers in second paper were without case studies and ARC recommendations..
    But for Paper 1….u supplemented your answers with any case studies???

    • Hi Vijay

      Not case studies, but quote current events and examples from an indian perspective. Write the answers in both papers (except for pure theoretical one in paper 1 ) from an Indian perspective.

      I chose those questions in paper 1 that gave me room for such answers like the one on privatisation and citizen’s charter




    • I am sorry farooq i cant help you with Hindi medium. i am from kerala and my hindi knowledge is very basic.

      Sociology, Geography are popular subjects. Check out the previous question papers from Also see the syllabus. decide according to your interest. Many people from B.Sc, B.A background make it to the service. If you are determined and focussed, you can make it through.


    thanks ofr ur valuable support

  10. Hi Gokul, I wanted to know how much of a difference Interview makes? If you couldn’t perform well in Interview, do you still stand a chance to make it through? In short, Is Interview an eliminatory step in CSE or just another part of Mains process?

    Please be kind enough to enlighten me.

    • The panel gives marks in a very wide range…between 60 and 240. Hence it can make a very huge difference in your ranking.

  11. Abhishek Singh

    Sir,i strtd my prepratn CSP 4m Dec,2010 n prepard my bth optionl(geogrphyg,pub add)simutaneously alng wt GS.I M B.Com(H) n wl scor arund 172 ot f 400 in prelims(2011),n may nt qualify 4prelims.shud i enrl in any cours(such as CS,MA),join a bnkng job(a dan appear 4prelims nxt year)or i shud drop ot 1mor year wtot enroln anywher n prepar wt ful prepartn ws nt upto da mrk as i cud nt gt acustmd 2 3new subjcts in 6mnths.waitng 4ur rpl

    • Its a purely subjective question abhishek. Only self motivation can take you through this exam. Full time preps is also needed. Decide according to your priorities and confidence level

  12. Hi Gokul! Many many congratulations!! Was 2010 your 1st attempt at civils? Reading about your marks that you had attempted 550+ correct in Physics but the marks were scaled down,made me think about my 2nd optional, i.e, Economics (1st being Pub Ad). Economics paper 1 is highly scoring. I am in a dilemma whether to choose Eco(factual, high scoring in paper 1 but difficulty in paper 2 due to cramming of economic trends, etc) or Socio(Subjective but easy recall of ideas). Moreover I am working. I would be grateful if you can share your perspective on choosing a factual/objective subject(like Phy, Eco, geog, etc) over subjective ones. For eg, in Pub Ad, we may think we’ve doneour best but there’s no telling how much we will finally score whereas in subjects like Eco/Phy/Geog, etc there is some certainty. I want to get into services with the least possible attempts.

    • Hi Ravi
      everyone wants to get into the services with the least possible attempts!! As with physics i think if i had written better answers i could have scored more. the highest marks is around 400. I have no idea about economics. Choose according to ur interests

  13. hi….congratulation for ur success.I am a student of engineering 2nd yr. and want to be in IAS, i hv atleast 3 yrs to prepare and my dream is also clearing it in !st attempt with best rank. Sir,generally i hv 2 problems and i m asking its solution.(1) How would u manage ur during studies and how many hrs u study a day??(2)My financial condition is not good to take coaching.I hv to prepare for it by my own…and i m sure i parents can afford me newspaper, monthly newspaper atmost..but not many books and net connection(that i dnt need actually) so, Can i download physics books free from internet???

    • 1. i used to do 10-11 hours daily. I did that for 1.5 years until mains…
      2. You can get foreign author books from…..Indian author books wont cost much. You can either buy them or take from some good library. I would recommend you take a net connection. If you use it properly. it more than worth your investment

  14. Sir can i get your email id?
    I am student of from meerut…
    I want your guidance in adopting my carrer.

    Siddhant jain…

  15. i want your guidance regarding my career… I knw just in 2 or 3 comments you will not able to know the exact mental ability and strength or weakness….

  16. Hi Gokul,

    I am preparing fulltime since Oct 2011 for CSE 2012 with physics as one of the optionals – have only two attempts as was in USA. Despite my being a JEE ranker, physics is giving me tough time due to its vastness and has left me a bit bewildered on certain aspects of preparation after prelims and before mains.

    I have a couple of questions for your preparation after pre for 5 months which will help me sort out my own problem. You said that you used to study 10-11 hours on a day and that you had finished whole of GS and 50% of pub ad and physics. Man, your strategy after pre must have been greatly optimized. So, plz help me out by answering the following:

    (i) How many previous years’ question did you solve in physics? Did you solve these questions topicwise or you solved yearwise as yearwise ensures that you can stay in touch with all topics simultaneously? Did you solve in rough or you made notes on these questions?
    (ii) How many hours on an average you gave for physics, pub ad and GS? Just an estimate.
    (iii) Did you do anything extra for essay preparation like creating formats on some topics or writing some essays in exam environment?
    (iv) Did you practise mock exams for physics? How many?
    (v) Did you practise mock exams for GS? How many?
    (vi) During your physics revision, did you focus more on derivations + theory from book or instead redo previous years’ questions again and again?
    (vii) How many days before mains GS, you stopped reading newspaper and current affairs magazine?

    I have just 4.5 months between pre and mains – so, very tight. Please take your time and answer the questions – it will help me plus future visitors of your blog as well.


    • 1. I solved all papers form 1990…year wise
      2. I would spend a whole week on physics, next week on others like that.
      3. Yes i had planned out a strategy for essays on social issues.
      5. No
      6. Do all derivations again and again
      7.I kept on reading keeping the interview in mind

  17. congrats sir

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