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My religion

In the absolute blindness of the night
When i cannot recognise who is the one next to me
I gaze upon the starry sky…
This is not what I have seen in the countless nights since my birth
The numbers are mind blowing
Some shine bright; maybe a young one
Or one nearing it’s death
Some seem ages away,
Having died since it let this light which I see
The constellations which I can make out shine out of the background

I gaze upon with overwhelming humility
The sight that has inspired the most illustrious of my ancestors
Lying on green meadows and on top of buildings,
The best of my tribe has asked themselves
The questions that would become the beginnings of the scientific method

The boom, the bang and everything afterwards,
The creation of galaxies and planetary systems
The birth and death of stars and all it’s descendants
The smelting of all elements from the concoction of hydrogen and helium
I see everything unfold in front of my eyes,
Through the collective wisdom of all my tribe
I do not feel small or worthless
I feel big and strong
I do not feel like a cog in a wheel
But an explorer charting my own course
The sight doesn’t overwhelm me
But fill me with the need to unravel the millions of mysteries that yet remain

Oh Galileos and Copernicuses,
You are my prophets and the product of your thoughts, my religion!