My Civil Services Interview- CSE 2010

My interview was scheduled for the afternoon session on the 4th of April 2011. After the document verification, by around 14.15 hrs, we were told that we will be interviewed by the board chaired by the UPSC member I.M.G. Khan. I was the last candidate in the list.

I entered the interview room by around 16.50 hrs. This is the transcript of the interview:

Me: May I come in, Sir?

The chairman asked me to come in. The room and the table were quite small. So I had a hard time distinguishing the chairman from the five members.

I got in wishing the chairman, lady member and the other members Good afternoon. But before I could finish the niceties, chairman was asking me to sit down. He seemed very cordial and the mood in the board was surprisingly fresh even at the end of the day. I sat down saying ‘Thank you’

Chairman: So you are Gokul?

Me: Yes sir, Gokul G.R

Ch: I will call you Gokul. Will that be fine? (smiling)

Me: Yes sir that will be fine. ( me too smiling)

Ch: Gokul, you have taken Physics as an optional. Are you going against the trend as we see a lot of engineers and science graduates taking non-science optional?

Me: Sir, physics is a subject that I have been studying form my school days. It is the most familiar subject for me and I like it. I wanted to take a subject that I would enjoy studying.

Ch (going through my bio-data): So you passed out from NITC with first class with distinction. Some chap came to a place near Calicut some time back no? Who was he?

I was confused and thought for a fraction of a second when I knew he was talking about Vasco Da Gama…

Me: Vasco Da Gama sir. It was in 1498. He landed at a place called Kappad. It is quite near to my college.

Ch: The beach has a memorial saying this is where he landed. Have you seen that?

Me: I have been to the beach twice. It is a rocky beach. But I don’t remember seeing the monument.

Ch: It’s a small monument which says ‘this is the spot where….’ (the other members nod at this)

Me: sorry sir. I don’t remember seeing the monument.

Ch: Why did he have to find a route through the sea?

Me: I don’t exactly remember the details but the land route was blocked by some reason.

Ch: No No that’s not possible. They could have found some other route.

Me: Sea route is cheaper and it also facilitates large scale trade.

Ch: Yes. Besides don’t you think it is safer? Taking the land route they would have to come through hostile territories and through bandits and hooligans. But again they face pirates in the sea route.

Me: Yes sir.

Ch: Why did the Europeans land in Kerala?

Me: They were looking for trade in spices, especially pepper.

Ch: Is spices still an important component of your state’s economy?

Me: Yes sir. Spices are still a major component of our exports.

Ch: Why is that Kerala has not been able to diversify from traditional agricultural commodities? Why is Industrial growth not strong in Kerala?

Me: There is a general lethargy within the government and people about inviting capital and setting up an investor friendly climate. We also have a very strong trade unionist culture. It definitely has positives for the society. The wage rates and working conditions are one of the best in India. But various elements have misused it and used it for personal ends at the expense of industrial growth. It was a mindset that was set in the 1970s and 1980s that is still preventing investors from investing in Kerala. But we are definitely changing. We just commissioned the vallarpadam project and signed the agreement for the Smart city project.

Ch: So you think that the situation will change? That the future is bright?

Me: The change is already happening. It has already started sir (smiling).

Ch: Tell me about this smart city.

Me: It is a PPP between the Kerala Govt. and Dubai’s Tecom to set up a Technology park which will provide the necessary infrastructure for software and electronics firms to set up office.

Ch: Where exactly is it?

Me: At Cochin. Kakanad to be exact.

The chairman nodded at the first member. Having taken Physics as an optional, his questions were only on the safety of nuclear power and nuclear reactors.

M1: In the context of the Japanese disaster, do you think we should continue our expansion plans for nuclear energy or should we stop it? How safe is nuclear energy?

Me: Nuclear energy is a dangerous technology and it can never be 100% safe. But nuclear energy is a vital energy source for the future. So stopping it is not an option. But we should put in place better safety and security systems. Even in the Japanese case, the reactors withstood the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami and the reactor stopped working also. But it was the failure of the cooling system due to the damage to the electric grid that led to the current crisis.

M1: So what all should be done?

Me: We already have better safety systems. Our reactors are PHWRs as opposed to the BWRs of Japan which are inherently safer. Besides, the newer reactors have a Passive heat removal system by which air can be used for cooling in the event of failure of active cooling systems. New reactors will also have Hydrogen capture systems to prevent the kind of explosions that occurred at Fukushima.

M1: But still you think it won’t be 100% safe?

Me: Achieving a 100% safety line would be impossible but we should put in place mechanisms and safety systems to take the safety level as near to 100% as possible. Besides the safety guidelines should be placed under an independent regulatory body outside DAE.

M1: Very recently the former chairman of the AEC said that India should not import foreign reactors. Even he is not so sure about the safety of the rectors.

Me: The foreign reactors especially Areva’a EPR 1600 has untested safety features and has been rejected by a number of nations. Also, foreign reactors will have different safety systems and we will have to be experts in each of these. We will also have to depend on foreign know-how to learn their safety features also. But our reactors have been completely designed by us. So we have a better understanding of their dynamics and can better perfect the safety systems for them. Even the former chairman has supported the use of indigenous reactors.

M1: The proposed reactor at Jaitapur is coming up in a seismically active zone. What all measures need to be taken to prevent damage due to earthquakes?

Me: Building standards need to be strictly applied. Earthquake-resistant technology need to be incorporated which building. The effect of this was seen in the recent earthquake in Japan. The 8.9 magnitude quake, which is one of the largest ever killed only 20,000 people while the 7 point magnitude quake in Haiti last year killed more than 2 lakh people.

M1: You said about smart city? What all are the criterion for selecting a place for setting up a project like this?

Me: Connectivity to major city centres, road and rail connectivity, presence of good colleges in the vicinity.

The chairman interrupted asking me whether human element is also a factor that is considered.

Me: Yes sir. Availability of prospective employees is a major factor. If a Keralite is given a choice between a job in Smart city and in Bangalore, he will choose smart city even if the salary is a bit less. Given that about 50,000 engineers pass out from Kerala every year, this will give a competitive edge for the recruiters.

The turn was passed to the second member, a lady member. Her questions were about social issues.

M2 (looking at the summary sheet): You were selected as the ‘Young Scientist’ at the National Children’s Science Congress and you were second in the Regional Mathematical Olympiad. Why have you chosen civil services after coming from a science background like this?

Me: The project that we did for the Science congress has in fact played a very important role in me choosing civil services as a career. It was a social project. It was about the nutritional status of the people in a particular rural area in my district. The project gave me a firsthand exposure to the problems in the rural areas and about the various government departments working on these issues. The results of the project painted a very grim picture about the nutritional status of the people with respect to protein and vitamin deficiency. Besides, my aptitude is in an administrative job. Civil services will offer me the variety and challenges that no other job can give. I chose engineering because of my interest in science and to keep my options open. But civil services have been my dream throughout. It was always there in the back of my mind. That was why I started my preparation at the end of my third year itself.

M2: Suppose you are posted as an SDM in your state. What will you do to improve the nutritional level of the people? Are you aware of any schemes in that regard?

Me: ICDS, PDS, NRHM etc are the schemes for improving the nutritional and health levels of the people. Most of these projects suffer from poor implementation and leakages. For e.g., in ICDS, the anganawadi workers are ill-paid and their responsibilities are quite heavy.  This has led to a lack of morale among them. I will concentrate on proper implementation of such schemes.

M2: But as an SDM you cannot make policy decisions. You can’t give them more salary. What will you do in that context?

Me: I will look for implementation of the schemes with support from the local bodies and community organisations. Involving of Panchayats can also create the political pressure for change.

M2: Kerala is called ‘God’s own country’. In what context is that name used.

Me: It is essentially a tagline coined by the tourism department for promoting tourism in Kerala. But otherwise also, Kerala can be called God’s own country (smiling).

Everyone laughed at this and the chairman interrupted asking me ‘Why is that Gokul?’

Me: The climate is good throughout the year,  people are well educated and friendly, presence of some of the most ecologically diverse areas, greenery all around……

With this, the Third member took charge. He was jovial throughout.

M3: You have taken public administration as an optional. Do you think decentralization through Panchayati raj is good?

Me: Definitely sir.

M3: Then why is it that in spite of being inserted in the constitution, it is not properly implemented in many places?

Me: Although they have been inserted in the constitution by the 73rd and 74th amendment, it is still the prerogative of the state governments to delegate powers to these bodies. In the case of Kerala, most of the powers in the 11th and 12th schedule have been delegated. Besides, 25% of the plan expenditure in budget is passed to the local bodies.

M3: So what should be done in the other states?

Me: People should be politically motivated and should demand more powers. Education can play a very important role in this.

The member said ‘Oh, you Keralite have 100% literacy’ and laughed. Everyone joined with him. I smiled and said 94% according to the provisional census figures

M3: Tourism is affecting our culture. Should we stop tourism due to that?

Me: No sir. We should not close ourselves to anyone. The tour operators act as the interface between the tourists and our people. They should be given training and orientation to properly orient foreign tourists before they land in India. The foreign tourists should be given a basic idea about the culture and society into which they are stepping in.

M3: But shouldn’t masses be educated for this to be effective. (He turned to other members and joked ‘our sanskrithi will become apasanskrithi by then)

Me: A well educated society is definitely good for developing a service industry like tourism. That should be our long term goal. But in the short term, educating the operators will help us develop tourism sustainably.

M3: A DM was recently kidnapped by the Maoists. In such a dangerous environment, do you still want to be an IAS officer?

Me: I heard about Mr. Vineel Krishna for the first time after the incident. All the reports in the newspapers were very positive about his work as a DM. In fact, he was kidnapped when he went to check a development work in a remote area without any protection. The people of his district rallied behind him. So if you are upright and do your work, you will have the support of the people and will be perfectly safe.

M3: So you think if he is honest and upright, nothing bad will happen?

Me: Yes sir.

The turn was passed to the fourth member.

M4: Did you write CAT, GRE or GATE in between?

Me: No sir. I was preparing through my final year and gave the exam right after my final exams.

M4: So you were focused. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile communication. Advantages first: Economic advantages:

Me: Better connectivity, ability to make fast economic decisions, buying and selling goods using mobiles, advertising.

M4: Social

Me: People and families are always connected. You can call everyone at any distance at very low rates at any time.

M4: Political

Me: Campaigning, Communicating political ideas and schemes…

M4: Any disadvantages?

When I thought for a while, he said ‘it’s Ok, if you can’t think of any’.

M4: What are the uses of space technology for people?

Me: It has revolutionized communication. Weather satellites like Metsat help us in better prediction. Remote sensing satellites help us in planning. We have recently put in orbit Oceansat which observes the ocean. The information gathered by it is beneficial for the fishermen.

M4: Cyber security is a major issue now. What do you know about it and what is being done by the Indian government?

Me: It is a very dynamic area. It is a constant battle between a large number of hackers and security establishments. We need to keep ourselves updated always. DRDO is developing an operating system for use in govt. systems. The operating systems that we use now are available throughout the world and hence are more prone to hacking. We have set up cyber cells in the major police stations. The CERT-In is the body that is responsible for cyber security at the national level.

M4: Define ethics.

Me: The set of standards that we are supposed to follow in a particular realm.

M4: Can you point out some of those that you are supposed to follow. Was there any committee that made recommendations about ethics?

Me: It was a committee that was appointed in the U.K (couldn’t remember the name of Nolan committee) that gave detailed guidelines regarding ethics in public life.

M4: No Indian committees?

Me: A number of committees to look into corruption have also given similar recommendations.

M4: Can you list out a few of those standards?

Me: Honesty, integrity, leadership by example…

M4: Those are general things. Don’t you have any set of professional ethics as an engineer? Is there any Body that sets such standards?

Me: IEEE sets the standards for us. But I am not aware of any code of ethics.

M4: No Indian bodies? IETE?

Me: Sir, do you mean ISTE?

M4: No, IETE. Ok, tell me the ethics that you are supposed to follow as a communications engineer.

Me: Respect for IPRs, honesty…

M4: Ok.

The chairman took over. The interview was in its last phase.

Ch: Very recently a Bulgarian group was arrested in Delhi for robbery. What does this incident mean for India? Have we become a soft state that people from faraway places are coming for robbery?

Me: It may be a random, off the cuff incident.

Ch: No no. It was a well organized group with a lot of members.

Me: A number of foreign groups are active in a number of nations like the Italian Mafia in USA. As the economy improves…

Ch (interrupting): So you think it is a good thing!!!( and laughed…the members also joined him)

Ch: So Gokul, what will you do after getting out. Tell me the first thing that you will do on exiting this room.

Me:  Sir…..I will be removing my tie (It was a spontaneous reply)

Everyone burst into laughter at this and the chairman asked me whether candidates think they won’t be selected if they came in half sleeves without tie (Every male member in the room wore half sleeves without tie). I started with the usual answer, ‘Sir, this is one of the most important occasions for us. We respect the occasion’ when the chairman joked once again. Then I said, “Sir, frankly candidates tend to be a bit conservative in this regard”

Ch: Ok. Your interview is over. It has been nice talking to you. Thank you.

I thanked the chairman, the lady member and other members and left the room. It was 17.20 by then. The interview went for around 30-35 minutes.

The session felt more like a candid discussion rather than a strict interview. Hoping for the best!!

P.S : I was given 214/300 for this interview 🙂


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  1. Hey Gokul..
    All the best to you.. 🙂 🙂

  2. Balachanrdan Menon

    Thats a great interview.. Be ready to party hard Gokul, you are sure to hear the good news.. All the best.. I know you through a common friend..Al the best

  3. Hi Gokul,
    Your interview was great. It’s good to see that u shared ur experience here to help the CSE aspirants.
    All the Best.
    Could you please share your email id. I have some queries regarding CSE preparation. I assure that I won’t disturb you much. Only one or two mails maximum. Thanks for sharing your mail id.

    • Hi Rohit
      You can post your queries over here in the comments section. I will try to help you as much as i can

  4. Hi Gokul,
    I am an Electronics and Communication engineer from NIT Jaipur, working with a semiconductor’s company in Noida.
    I have just made up my mind to appear for CSE 2011. Although I have filled the form but not started preparation yet.
    It is almost 2 months remaining in the prelims exam and I have no background in GS. From the scratch I have to start. Please answer my following queries:
    1) Being an engineer, I would handle Paper-II but how to tame the Paper-I (GS), I could not think of? Please suggest the strategy and the list of resources. I know there are various lists available on internet but I want to have an experienced and proven opinion, that’s why asking you.
    2) Do you think the GS for prelims can be covered in two months time frame?
    Thanks and All the Best.

  5. Great interview.

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    also share strtezy to crack upsc prelims and mains(specially gs).

    i will be vry grtful to u……

  9. M.Sivaganesh

    All the best for your great success.

  10. Deepu Divakar

    Hi Gokul,
    Touching the peak itself is an achivement and you have done it, done it extremely well!
    Now you deserve the best results.
    Our prayers
    All the very best to you by
    Deepu & Lathika

    • Thanks deepu eta….the results are just around the corner….hoping for the best!!

      • Sunil & Lajitha

        Let a man learn thoroughly whatever he may learn, and let his conduct be worthy of his learning

        a small piece of advice…

        Good luck !!

  11. Let a man learn thoroughly whatever he may learn, and let his conduct be worthy of his learning
    Best wishes…
    Good luck !!

  12. All the very best .I am sure u will reach your goal.

  13. Hey dude,,all the best…i read ur interview and bro u have got lot of knowledge..i guess our country need talented people like u…am BE(E&C) graduate and appearing for 2012 CSE…so dude if u have any tips,notes r any imp thing,,pls do mail me…will be gratefull for tht…GOOD LUCK GOKUL

    • Hi Vinay
      i can help you out with doubts about preperation…..if there is any specific doubt, you can ask me… can leave a comment here itself…i will mail back to you

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    Congrats a lot for cracking and getting an AIR-19 !
    You truly are amazing and inspirational .. keep it up !

  18. ” The best way to predict your future is to create it…..”

    you have created a great one.

    on our SUCCESS!!!

  19. Congrats Gokul…. Finally your hard work paid off… It’s the time to party… Enjoy..

    And if time permits, please guide the CSE aspirants and share strategy about optionals and General Studies..


  20. Congrats Gokul…. Finally your hard work paid off… It’s the time to party… Enjoy……..

    And if time permits, please guide the CSE aspirants and share strategy about optionals and General Studies..


    • Yes rohit…i will be writing about my strategy……i wasnt sure that i should write about it without clearing the exam

  21. amazing… simply amazing.. 🙂

  22. Hi Gokul,
    Congrats and I saw your name in the merit list. Can you please help me, I’m taking the exams this year which will be my last chance. So can you send me your suggestions and some resources to refer to (online or some good books). I have done my preparations to some extent, but feel still I need to go a long way. can you please email me. Would be grateful and thanks in advance.


  23. Hi Gokul,

    Congrats.I am also from nitc(ece 2009 batch) came to know about you through KD’S(krishnadev’s facebook post).its really great to see someone from my clg….

    I started preparing for cse just one month back (maths & psychology(not sure though))will be really thankful to you if you can help me.I like maths as well as psychology but the problem is GS.I don’t have good writing skills.I am straight to the point(that’s why I am not opting for humanities subjects).

    There are lot of resources on internet but it actually made me confused since you have done great I think you will be amongst the best person to guide me in GS.
    Can you suggest me how to go about GS including books etc

    I want to know two things since you took physics how do you find it(means logical like in jee or mugging(1st sem)) because my second subject is not yet finalized so I may think of choosing both maths and physics.

    Thanks & Congrats again 🙂

    • Hi Harsh
      I think you are not giving this years prelims….One year preps before prelims is advisable….You need to be to the point in all the papers, including humanities papers….so dont rule out humanities….managing two science subjects can be really hard…..

      I think physics is better than maths both in terms of syllabus and success rates…..Its neither like jee nor 1st sem… will have to study the topics in depth…if u enjoy physics, it will be a fun experience….but once u r done with the studying part, u need to revise and revise and revise and…..this part can be really boring and tedious….very few people finish the paper for mains….i finished both papers with 15 minutes to spare….all the derivations and concepts should be revised countess number of times for that….

      I will write a post on those soon…meanwhile go to which has the link to previous years toppers… anay dwivedis and supreet singhs posts….

      • Thanks for the reply,
        ya m not giving this year’s prelims.I know about maths being one of the toughest but I guess I can handle that as I asked you the thing I am most worried about is GS.It will be really nice of you if you can help me with that.
        And what you will say about your second optional(pub ad)?Is is logical or its only mugging and facts with excellent writing skills.
        Meanwhile I will check physics syllabus once again but even you know physics + maths is a hard nut to crack(and m sure about taking maths).
        Thank you again,Waiting for GS strategy.

      • Physics + Maths is not impossible but it will drain every single drop of energy from u by the time the mains get over…..

        Pubad is a good subject…..Its about understanding more than mugging..infact our idea of humanities papers being ones to be mugged up is a result of the wrong way of teaching and asking question in such papers……questions will mostly of application and general type

        I will blog about gs soon…there is so much to write!!

      • yeah even I think so about maths + physics combo,it will be really difficult also considering the fact that m in job.I guess,I should focus on one subject maths and GS for few months then I will be in a better position to choose bout the other optional.

        And thanks a lot for the abhijeetagrawal blog’s link,its really useful.I am really thankful that you will be posting the GS strategy soon because after that you will not get time to look after the blog.

        Btw do u know rajiv, pankaj, martha because they all know me well coz of robotics and other stuff but I guess i never met u in clg.

        And do mention about the magazines also(if u follow one) and also about the pitfalls because they waste a lot of time for new aspirants.

        Thank you 🙂

      • They are my classmates…we may have seen each other in college but i cant connect the name with a face 🙂

        I was the treasurer of LnD in our year

  24. Sebastian John

    congratulations gokul!all the best!

  25. Great Gokul ! Congratulation , I like your comments about kerala , It is indeed a gods own country !

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    Saw this post only now. Interview sounds beautiful…,, obviously 😉

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  30. jintojollyjames


    Really impressive.. Wishing you all the best.. Let Knowledge and Experience guide you, while you still hold on to your virtues and ethics.. Happy to see that great power has been handed over to a responsible and energetic person.. For us, be the Leader, who qualifies for it with his daily deeds..

  31. Deepak Mathew

    Congrats , gokul chetta . Best of luck for all ur future endeavours!!!!

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  34. congrats gokul .

    iam aparna from palakkad . have heard your name since my school days at KV kanjikode from my classmates. Is it possible for you to give me your mail id ? I wanted to ask you some doubts regarding civil service preparation ….


  35. congrats gokul .

    iam aparna from palakkad . have heard your name since my school days at KV kanjikode from my classmates. Is it possible for you to give me your mail id ? I wanted to ask you some doubts regarding civil service preparation ….



    congrts sir!
    u got opportunity 2 do ur level best for nation & state.

    My queries are
    case 1)If any1 is working then it is difficult 2 prepare.
    Case 2) non-working then go directly for prep of uncertainty about civil serv. Success
    also pressure of parents to stay on ur own foot first for
    Is it better idea 2 clear & persue a seat in SSC GL/BanK PO etc govt. Jobs for surity?
    “in our state CG PSC has no vacancies (all r pending in highcourts)”

    Then after probation leave completely for 2 yrs. & go for dream C.S.

    I m in case 2 & my some group study friends in case 1
    5 friends
    22-25 age group.
    I also believe in prepare MAINS 1st then u hv enough confidence.
    Another thing i also believe coaching is not necessary especially for we middle class family,but how’ll u check urself for ur written answers?
    If u were just B.Sc. Passed student then what’ll u do in this case?

    & now as GOKUL
    What’ll u choose?
    IAS or IFS
    if,any! Then why?
    Plz suggest me sir!

    • Hi Sandeep
      Its a personal choice and depends upon your confidence and ability to cope with the stress. Its hard without any doubt. But then again, if you prepare well for cse, you can go for other tests like bank po easily if you fail in this.

      Answer writing is very important. I relied on self evaluation. could improve my answers a lot that way. A good answer is one that sticks to the core idea of the question. If you are confident of that, go ahead. If not, go for some answer writing classes ( dont do correspondence) in an institute. Or else, try to get the help of young officers in your state. They should help you if you contact them after clearing prelims.

      For me its IAS. We have to give the preference when applying for the mains

  37. Hello Sir,

    It was indeed a treat to come across an interview like this one. Probably the most inspiring amongst many of them that i could manage to go through. My heartiest congratulations to you for the success achieved and appreciation for the hardwork involved in it.
    I am Sonam, a B. Arch graduate, want to pursue my career in civil services but aiming to get through in the first attempt. My knowledge about general studies is shallow and not as expected to the standard of UPSC.
    Sir, being from a creative field need help regarding how do i make choice of my subjects and what is the proper way of getting started so that i could be sure that i am moving in right direction. Would be highly obliged if i could get your valuable guidance.


    • You will obviously have to choose both the optionals from outside your graduation background. Pubad, geo, socio being popular optionals can be taken. More aspirants are nowadays optiong for literature papers for the sake of scoring marks. You can consider that too.

  38. thanks alot is very motivating for all c s aspirants..well ,m doing b.e e&c fm jammu …i wud like 2 know hw 2 strt up d preparation for d xam from nw on n d subjects dt i can choose..kindly reply sir…

    • I have written about how i prepared. About choosing subjects, choose according to your interests and skills (science optionals requires good skills)

  39. well sir,presently i m in 4 sem.just want 2 know how i can prepare ,as i feel this is nt d rt. Time 2 think of optionals..shud i just prepare for gen. Studies till my b.e completes? O any other prep.?

    • I started my preps at the end of my third year and gave the exam after my final year….You can start full time studies by dec-jan of your third year…meanwhile try to work on your GK

  40. rupali kumar

    hello sir

    your interview was great.i just hope that i m,too,able to accomplish my aim.

    i m awaiting my first year results and i have been selected at the post of single window operator at union bank of india.ofcourse i’ll continue my studies along with the job.

    i am an IAS aspirant.i wish to start preparing for it from next month onwards but due to time shortage i won’t be able to devote much time to this pls tell me how should i manage my time and where my priority should lie?i would also like to tell you that i would get some free time in the bank that i would be able to devote to reading.

    thank you

    • I have put up my strategy already. Just study and try to finish off the syllabus. Appear for mains only when you are confident to giving a good shot at the mains. All the best

  41. sir,thank you for your interview details.i want to know 1. r u staying in delhi or hav u travelled by train to reach delhi for your interview?? 2. in whch hotel u stayed?? any other good hotels u know,near upsc offce??? 3. does upsc gives train fares for interview?? 4. is it mandatory that all interviwee candidates need to stay in same hotel or they can choose any hotel?? 5. what is your advice for outstation candidates,who r not staying in delhi??

    • You only need to appear in the given time at UPSC office….I stayed at the Kerala house, courtesy of govt. of kerala

  42. congrats Sir. Its nice to see you take such a strong decision and reach your goal. My best wishes are with you.
    I am a Civil Service aspirant. I am from Comp Sc Engg background. I am considering Public Ad and Physics as optionals. I wanted to know your opinions as to how far my decision is justified,and if yes, how should I go about in my preparation for Physics. I would be grateful to know your opinions. Thank You.

  43. Hello sir ,
    Gr8 Congrats on your achievement… and thank you for starting such a great blog.. to help aspirants like us :).
    I have some queries , Sir first of all .. Iam Comp. Sc. Engg. and will be joining a very good MNC ,in coming month… Iam an IAS aspirant and want to prepare for the CSE along with the work.
    1. Iam confused weather I should go for CSE-2012 or for CSE-2013 , since I dont know anything about preparation regarding it… iam pretty much sure that I wont be able to clear this time… and also .. this will indeed result in a failed attempt and i will loose one crucial chance out of 4.

    2.If you think that I should go for CSE-2012…then sir can you guide me how to handle or make strategy from current point ( in description ) . So that I can prepare well for prelims and as well as for Mains paper..

    3.I have decided to go for Public Ad and Sociology for my Mains, are these subjects good , in terms of time it take to prepare for working people?.. I mean how much time is needed per day to prepare well for these subjects.

    I know my queries are very long but sir , please help in my queries ( may be irrelevant ), as they have impeded my thinking.. !!!

    Please reply to my through mail…I’ll be seeking for your reply.

    Thank you 🙂

  44. Hello sir ,
    Great Congrats on your achievement… and thank you for starting such a
    great blog.. to help aspirants like us :).
    I have some queries , Sir first of all .. Iam Comp. Sc. Engg. and
    will be joining a very good MNC ,in coming month… Iam an IAS
    aspirant and want to prepare for the CSE along with the work.
    1. Iam confused weather I should go for CSE-2012 or for CSE-2013 ,
    since I dont know anything about preparation regarding it… iam
    pretty much sure that I wont be able to clear this time… and also ..
    this will indeed result in a failed attempt and i will loose one
    crucial chance out of 4.

    2.If you think that I should go for CSE-2012…then sir can you guide
    me how to handle or make strategy from current point ( in description
    ) . So that I can prepare well for prelims and as well as for Mains

    3.I have decided to go for Public Ad and Sociology for my Mains, are
    these subjects good , in terms of time it take to prepare for working
    people?.. I mean how much time is needed per day to prepare well for
    these subjects.

    I know my queries are very long but sir , please help in my queries (
    may be irrelevant ), as they have impeded my thinking.. !!!

    Please reply to my through mail…I’ll be seeking for your reply.

    Thank you 🙂

  45. Thank u Mr Gokul, for posting the whole interview. It is really surprising to see someone remembering the whole session in a clear cut way.
    God bless u.

  46. HI
    I have started the preparation few months ago. I am still confused about optional s
    I wanted to take maths but. People it is difficult. All advice me to take. One of the subject included in general studies . Can u give me a suggestion . And can. U also mail me aboutt the books and magazines to be read . BeIng a work ing woman I donor have much time and am confused abt things in market


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