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Why dont we take a break and do a little introspection??

Its a bit too late for something serious i know, but lot of random thoughts seem to be occupying my mind in this most unusual time. Its 2 o clock in the morning and my roomies are all fast asleep and its a weekend. But these kind of things keep on bothering you. So i thought i l just share it.

My college life has been the most valuable learning experience for me. I am not talking about the 40 odd subjects that i have ‘studied’ over this time, but the real learning in terms of the experience gained. Its the part of the year when the auditorium is booked everyday for some sort of a farewell (state, branch…..). The most common thing said during such meetings is about the cruel world that we are just about to enter. But what exactly makes the world so ‘cruel’. Is it not people like you and me who makes the world what it is? So are we actually going to enter a cruel world or is this ‘cruelty’ a mere consequence of the callousness that is gradually developed in us as everyday passes?

If there is something that has been so vital in defining our social life but is on the decrease now, then i feel it would be compassion. It has become so rare a thing to be seen nowadays that even a small gesture of compassion is seen with much reverence and the person showing it is respected. Wherever we are or whatever roles we adore, we are always bound by self imposed shackles of rules and regulations, prejudices, selfish interests and ignorance that we cannot move out of this wretched system to show some compassion as we will have to do it at the expense of the things that i have above mentioned. Worst is that we cling on to those things so much that the moment your empathizing with someone comes in conflict with any one of these, we just stop doing it. Ans as time goes on, the scale of these prejudices just go on increasing making us more narrow minded.

As Gandhiji has said it requires immense courage and will to tread the path of ahimsa. I consider compassion as one of the most beautiful manifestations of ahimsa. We students have got this wrong notion of strength and courage. Agression which is a result of a turbulent and fearful mind is revered while such intricate qualities of ahimsa which can only come from a calm and composed mind like restaint, compassion, empathy are looked down upon. I feel ratioanality is nothing more than a polemic if we take emotions out of the picture. Lets try to a little bit more compassionate to our fellow beings. I strongly believe that even this ‘little bit more’ can make this world a far better place to live in…

Curriculum Review:an informal meeting at Deepak sir’s room

In the first place, let me give a note of warning to  all those cribbers like me who might get excited at the phrasing of the topic. So i l better explain the term ‘curriculum review’. Its an exercise done every three years or so in which radical changes like swapping an S6 subject and an S7 subject or deleting a module in a subject only for it to appear in some other subject are made in the curriculum. But this time, as Deepak sir put it, more people are thinking out of the box and still more have become receptive. Thus he said there is room for hope. Also considering the changes to be implemented in IIT B, we can expect real changes this time, he said. It is in this context that he called an informal meeting of students in his room one fine evening.

Our year was represented by four. Ullas (cribber like me, sick and tired of the system, doesnt mind speaking out), Srinath(pretty much tired, has reservations when it comes to speaking out), Tony(ok, this is one person whose is so difficult to understand…i think he also fed up with the system, but doesnt mind going with the cribbing i  mean) and me. We(me and ullas) had everything planned before going for the meeting. Ask for the stars so that they might be benevolent to give atleast a photo of the moon. Voluntary attendance, 4 courses in a semester and one lab (2 hours), flexible electives and supplementary exams. Now thats too much in the bag, especially the first two points.

We were quite surprised to know that both the faculty in th room, Deepak sir and Dhanraj sir were thinking in line with us. Chk for confirmation. The second years were also strongly in favour of a radical change, although they didnt have a conspiracy like us as it was obvious in their lack of co-ordination.

Ok now everything is going so well. Although its almost sure nothing of this is going to be implemented as the system drags along with its ultimate curse of encouraging mediocrity, there were a bunch of dreamers envisioning a better future. Thats it guys, wake up…this is no fairy tale. If its not a fairy tale, then we have the villains. Yes i am talking about the final year delegation. They had entirely different plans in their minds. They found the system to be ‘too light’ on students. Six hard core subjects and two labs and a mini project in 65 working days were not enough for S6, they said while some of us are seriously contemplating on beginning an ascetic life after going through such a semester. One of them argued that as we will be in the academic area during the morning anyways, we will be jobless for at least two hours a day if our 4 course plan is implemented. Our natural choices of going back to the hostel to sleep or going to the library to read the newspaper were mysteriously evading him.

Deepak sir had a hard time moderating such a discussion when the two groups poles apart. I am not being judgemental with this article. But we represented the attitude of at least 90 percent of the students while they a handful. What we argued for was a flexible system in which students can chose courses according to their priorities. Reduce the minimum credit requirement so that we can use the free time to pursue our passions and get credit for those. For some it might be taking up challenging courses offered by their department or some other department or maybe spending time in the library reading current affairs or maybe devote more time for extra curriculars improving their chances of winning laurels outside college. In any case, credits should be given to the work done during this extra time, if its constructive. No credits for sleeping off, although its really constructive for ones body and mind. That not only avoids uninterested students forcefully studying boring subjects but also make campus life more interesting and fruitful.

A memorable teacher’s day

I make it a point to say this everytime i get the chance that my batch is the closest knit group in the whole college. We are not the loudest but when it comes to bonding, we are second to none. We proved that again today by giving our teachers a memorable teachers day.

We presented our teachers with a hand made card and a rose as a token of our love and appreciation. All the girls worked together upto 3 in the morning (who knows…you cant check that out) making the cards. Hats off to you people. But it would have been better if it had been a personalized message in each card. But that was impossible as we didnt know half of them. Ijaz, our day scholar who would rather lose a meal than miss a class bunked the first hour to get flowers. Now thats dedication. We the rest of us supported them in all possible ways by frequently calling up and enquiring about the progress and letting them know that we were sleeping at 12 knowing they had only started their work.

Finally we gave them the mementos in the morning. Raghu sir seemed to be the most happy among all as it was his first teachers day. My dear friend Febin also seemed to have made it memorable by the succesfull execution of “operation KuKu’. At the end of the day, it was quite memorable for both the teachers and us.